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One of the easiest ways to bring a bit of joy into your life is to surround yourself with things that make you happy! My job is to work with you to find those things, sometimes it’s just a matter of digging through your closets to find treasures that can be displayed in ways to make them look fresh and new!


We all have a knack for doing certain tasks and mine is interior decorating. I love, love, love working with clients to design rooms, offices, commercial buildings, or entire homes. I create spaces that are comfortable, modern, stylish and functional. Spaces that you love spending time in.


As a specialist with lots of experience, I can help you with everything from flooring selections and paint colours to lighting and decor. After all, it’s all the finishing touches that add a sense of style and pizzaz to any room.


While I primarily offer my clients assistance on the interior, I also have plenty of ideas to offer when it comes to exteriors. Hiring an interior decorator isn’t just for the elite, working with a professional can save you time and money — it’s more affordable than you think!

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